Haik! Japan

Currently I am on a desktop computer at one of the Tokyo’s hostels. The place is called Wise Owl Hostels located at Hatchobori – 1 stop away from Tokyo station. It has been a while since I last stayed in a dormitory hostel and last evening when I crashed into my bunk bed, I was reminded of my stay in London four years ago.. oh wow four years passed already? This Wise Owl Hostel is really nice honestly – the concept and design are beautifully structured with friendly staff. And oh they have a huge owl too! How interesting. It is sitted at their front desk with its big eyes and will stare at you whenever  you are talking to the staff lol.

Anyway, it was a solo trip yesterday to here as my buddy, Khadijah (who was the one responsible to dragging me in this Japan trip haha) has work trainings. Alhamdulillah it went smoothly although I was feeling very anxious throughout the whole flight. Walking around in the Hatchobori neighbourhood in the evening led me to the outer areas where I caught myself being lost at some points. However, I kept telling myself that He is with me wherever I go. I was actually searching for a halal food place but to no avail. So I succumbed to eating cup noodles and soup.

Alright I will make my way to check out and meet Khadijah later on where we will depart to other parts of Japan – specifically Kawazu and Kyoto (hopefully it is possible). I will definitely miss this wonderful and cosy hostel. Maybe in future?

Till then!