I am Okay

He and I spent a few hours on the phone today. It was not just a normal phone conversation, it was like a so-called ‘date’. He set aside a time in the morning just to talk while I embraced the quiet afternoon in the house, just to hear us exchanging words. I do not remember him or me proposing a specific time for us to call and talk just to spend some time “together” lol. Ok put this aside.

We discussed about the wedding and whenever we talk about this, I cannot help but feel a tiny bit sense of worry. I cannot visualize how it will look like and keep wondering if this is going to happen. You see, we are very short of time to the planned date yet there has been no finalisation. People over here would enquire and book vendors or locations way in advance, sometimes one year before or more than that (?!) So I guess I am not kiasu at all. I think we are probably one of the most lepak or relaxed people when it comes to wedding preparation. However, maybe if he is here in the same place, that would have make me more enthusiastic. MAYBE, haha. Anyway, do not ask how is the progress for each time I meet my good friend or sister, they will keep asking the same thing and I will be …changing the topic :D. But rest assured, if Allah’s willing, it will go as intended.

By the way, in case anyone is wondering (yes if there is anyone interested or reading this lol), despite doing long-distance for about 3 years, we have never do video calls/skype before. Hence, the phone call. So why no video calls? Because we just do not feel comfortable about it. Yes, maybe it would have lessen the feeling of (ehem) missing and building unnecessary emotions or mood swings. But hey, I am (truthfully) a shy person. Ya.. I get easily shy for almost any situation hence the idea of having someone to look at me in the screen is intimidating. Thankfully, both of us think similarly when it comes to this and yes, we survived without succumbing to the common way of communicating in ldr *thank god for whatsapp/email though* 🙂

Till then!



3 thoughts on “I am Okay

    • Hi, idk why but yes there is a sense of joy knowing that I’m not the only one 🙂 so interesting to know another person doing ldr. Your posts about it are so cute! And btw, thanks for the wish 🙂

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