These days, I’ve been so occupied with work and finishing tasks to rush deadlines with days filled up with the children’s crazy attitudes (they’re still my little best friends though). I’m so e x h a u s t e d. As much as I’m going to miss teaching them actually, I’m looking forward to the days when the only worry I have is what food to eat. Ha, kidding. There are other personal matters that I need to work on in the upcoming days, InshaAllah. And my deen is definitely one of them 😶

On a side note, five months ago (yes, where did all the time goes to!), I was somewhere on the other side of the world to meet with one of my favourite people. Considering how messed up my life is right now, I’m always trying to remind myself of how fortunate I am to know and be loved by this human being for quite a long period of time. Despite the distance (plus the countless numbers of unnecessary dramas and arguments). Thank you for being someone whom my parents can believe in and for sticking by, idiot. Haha 🙂


Never mind if the picture does not focus on our mysterious shadows or is not related to whatever that I’ve written.



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