Current feeling: Don’t wish to meet or see anybody (apart from family) for the next probably many months or year.. (but i still have to, for work). Can I just hibernate and work on my personal stuff by myself?

Current thoughts: Throwing chairs and smash tables or walls in a room.

I’m so full of anxiety and fear. My heart (literally) hurts a little, probably because of all these mixed emotions.

Gasp 😕


4 thoughts on “Fear

    • Yes, I believe prayer can brings peace to oneself. However, it takes a lot of focus and so much faith to let go of unwanted feelings and thoughts so as to let the heart open for peace. Hoping for that someday. Thanks for the helpful advice btw!

      • The world is full of distractions and treachery that must be annihilated and purged from the soul. Unfortunately, many choose to exacerbate these elements, instead of focusing on what truly matters. Finding your purpose is a winding road that his many twists, turns, and improbabilities, but the journey is well worth it. Everyone has a gift to unwrap, and it begins with finding faith from within to avoid the follies of sin.

  1. Wow, deep meanings there and very true. I agree. The journey to find our purpose is one twisted road and it’s a matter of time, once we are fully content in our life and our faith is planted within our hearts, especially to our Creator. Thanks for the ever inspiring words!

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