Make or break

Few weeks ago, I was living in the moment. I was feeling beyond contented and happy. I loved every single moment of it, either the good or challenges I had. But right now, I feel like being stuck in the cycle of mood swings, negativity in the environment again and I crave for attention. Makes me feel like one of those students who throws tantrums when she does not get what she wants. To the point when the teacher gets annoyed rather than wanting to console her and make it better. Yes, I’m that selfish.

Behind the decent posts and image you have of me, I am another human who is going through a confuse stage in life, unsure of what I want, does not really know how to show appreciation to certain people in my life and sometimes tends to have ridiculous thoughts and actions too. As much as I want to fill my mind and life with positive thoughts and vibes, it is challenging. It is an everyday’s struggle. I feel like I am not growing or progressing and for that, I want to move out of it. Soon, I hope.

It is either now or never, eh?




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