Two days of going out with mum to walk around the city and just basking in the atmosphere of bright lights with people who share the same happiness of enjoying the four long days of holidays. My feet are sore but the time spent was pretty nice.

Reminded me of the time when mum used to bring me and the siblings out almost every weekend back then when we were very young. We frequently went to the MPH bookstore at the old Capitol building, where each one of us would just randomly explore the place while mum spent the time browsing and reading the books. If it was not there, she would bring us to the computer cafe where people would pay a certain amount to use the computer for internet or whatsnot. I remember me and my sibilings would use the paint tools to just play around with it. Or there was a time when she brought us to the old musuem at the now Raffles Hotel. I remember there was a painting gallery, of birds and I admired them. About how nice they look. That was when I tried to draw the same as soon as I got back home. There were other places that she used to bring us to often too such as the botanical garden and others which I cannot really recall. I loved those sunny Saturday’s afternoons. I still do.

Time is constantly moving while buildings and places are gone and replaced but those memories of my childhood’s weekend with mum and the siblings would certainly remain.


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