Never Gonna be Alone

Nickelback – Never Gonna be Alone

I felt slightly down and just tired the entire day. Must be due to the crazy days I had for the past week and all rolled up together to make me this way. I spent several hours napping, back up to munch cereal on bed, then slept back again to see the sky turned grey. For one moment, I felt like going back to a certain moment that I know I can never get back.

And so, the night made me turned to classic soft rock music that I used to listen to many years ago. I chanced upon this and I remember that it’s one of my favorite out of all their songs. I remember about using this as one of the video I made to Aqidah. And tonight is also one of the nights when I saw my sis packing almost all of her stuff.. almost finishing (hey, it’s already May. So by right, I should say yay eh?)

Sigh, all the feels when I listen to this :’)


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