Oman, the cat

Yesterday, finally I decided to adopt a new kitty. I would consider that as an impromptu decision, as it was only decided right after I was asked if I wanted to take it. Though me and my family did ever think about having a new one as well, but we brushed the thought aside. Since Kimi’s disappearance and Manja’s departure, maybe it’s time Comel have a new buddy in the house (let the cat fight begin). Haven’t come up with a name but mum wants to call it Oman, not so sure why. Suddenly, I recalled about the time when I first brought Kimi home several years back, partly because I needed to pick myself up again. I know, quite strange but having a cat actually really helped. Kimi would accompany me and sis on most of the nights, as I reassured myself that I’m not alone. I miss her but then I realized, her purpose in my (and my family)’s life has ended although we do always hope that she’ll return.

So here’s to welcoming Oman (for now that’ll be her name unless I have a better suggestion).


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