Everybody’s changing and it’s not strange


Regent Park, 2012

Is it strange that I’ve been thinking about what happened two years ago, for almost everyday?

Is it strange that I’m tired of my own mood swings every now and then?

Is it strange that I’m upset for some things that are ‘normal’ or minor?

Is it strange that I like being distant from people?

Is it strange that I’m probably not like any other smart, tall, beautiful, nice and normal size people like out there?

Perhaps nobody can ever get who I am as a person (because I don’t get myself either at times). Took me a while to realize that people suck the most energy out of me sometimes 😦 I just need some space to gain back all the positive energy and thoughts.

On a side note, I want to take a stroll and see those trees again, although they seemed dead but it was one of the happiest times I remember having. Not only that, being lost alone in a strange land for the first time was something I’ve been wanting to experience again. Insha’Allah.


3 thoughts on “Everybody’s changing and it’s not strange

  1. No. It’s not strange at all. That’s a pretty picture you got up. I love trees. People think I’m weird for the way I talk about them, but then again, they think I’m weird in general. I’m not really. I’m just different and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all 🙂

    • Hey, thank you for the comment. It’s comforting to read them and somehow it gives some assurance as well. Everybody’s weird isn’t it, it just how each one of us define what is weird abt a person. I guess when people are not talking in the same wavelength, there tend to have some friction which results in one being as strange. Not sure if it makes sense. Greetings to your side nonetheless! 🙂

      • That’s very true. Just yesterday I was telling someone that we’re all a little weird and that we should embrace it 🙂 Greetings to you too 🙂

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