Like a drum, don’t stop beating.

Tonight reminds me of my hatred for feeling a sense of attachment to anything in this world. It reminds me of the saying “Don’t get too attached to any moments in this life, as they will pass”. Because at the end of the day, none will matters although moments do make memories and it’s either nice or not. Whatever we gives our mind to think about will gives our heart to feel. Those feelings are either nice or not, too. From these feelings, we decide on accepting and allowing the things and people we desire to be in our life. By choosing to give our trust and hopes in these, comes plenty of circumstances.

Life as it is.

Ok now I feel like getting a bike (bicycle, not motorcycle which I wish I’m allowed to though) and cycling away from this usual routine. Maybe to put my phone away as well, to avoid any human interactions or overwhelming selfies I’ve been seeing lately (ok I admit I do take one or two, too).

Have a good last few days of Syawal.


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