The Missing Malaysia Airline

The current situation and search for the missing Malaysia Airline has been throbbing in my mind for the past 36 hours. It definitely must be bothering most of the people’s mind too. It’s bizarre on how a thing as big as that can suddenly go missing in the sky, without leaving any traces wherever. It continues to be the unsolved problem in everyone’s mind. I guess it’s intriguing because you usually see unlikely situations like this in the big screen and never would have expected this to happen in a real life. Not that I’m saying any controversial or catastrophic events don’t happen in reality. The saddest thing about this mystery are not knowing what exactly happened and where can all of them be right now. We can come up with so many assumptions and creating worst case scenarios in our heads but truth is, only God knows. Only He knows what’s going on.

With the number of help involved and even after combing the possible areas that are likely for the plane to be, all the eyes of those involved in the search are unable to spot the big airline. That’s the biggest mystery. It’s like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle, with one missing piece in the middle. You go on to search for it everywhere and few days or years later realize it’s been there all along, at the place where you’d look at before.

This situation led me to realize that despite the latest development and effort humans can make, He is the Most Powerful and All-Knowing. He has the Will to make anything happen and the impossible possible. No words can make the families of the victims feel better right now. It’s only when they finally have the answer and closure to it, which is finding the airplane and their loved ones. Unless you’re one of them, stop saying insensitive stuff about the whole situation. It affects all of us emotionally because that flight could have been ours and when it really happens to us, it’s not even funny. The unknown is definitely and always been terrifying.

It’s close to 48 hours since the tragic occurrence and still no news of the plane. All we can do is expect the worse but hope and continue praying for the best. The hanging question that we’re going to ask first thing in the morning tomorrow is, “Has the airplane been found?” and all of us want to hear the word, “Yes”.

But only Allah knows best. 


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