Arcade Fire – Wake Up

Not sure why the mood for this song over the weekend and also, what triggered me to watch “Into the Wild” suddenly earlier in the afternoon. Never really got the chance to watch that till today. Probably that’s the answers to certain doubts. Great movie but poor guy, didn’t manage to pursue his ultimate dream. Saddest thing is, it’s from a real life story and I couldn’t bring myself to imagine how it was like for him on his deathbed.. after a couple of amazing adventures he had prior to that. At the same time, it gives us some important lessons. I know how much all of us want to taste absolute freedom from modern civilization, humans and what’s not but every decision comes with circumstances and how important is knowledge and preparation, despite every spontaneous plan we have in our minds.

You know what, I’m so good in side-tracking. I love this “Where the Wild Things Are” movie. Still remember watching this while I was on the plane and cried like no one is watching. Everyone around me was sleeping so was glad. Haha. Such a sweet story. Here’s hoping to every child having wonderful imaginations and to be a better human in time to come.

Have a sweet Monday everyone, may peace be upon you.


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