Gonna have the courage to let go of the past, old or new, and leave it as memories. Just memories. Gonna keep reminding myself that the past can never be the future. Gonna tell myself that someday, all of these will make sense. Gonna tell myself that, things will be better.

I need to make a plan, embark on it and take some actions (like getting rid of people/things who/that don’t deserve to be in my life). It’s time to put myself first instead of getting worried or thinking too much about whatever or whoever it is. I. NEED. THAT. COURAGE. LOTS OF IT. 

All the words I heard lately are the cause of this angst. You know there is such thing like asking directly? We’re so good in assuming and telling lies to protect or rather actually bringing ourselves down all the time. I don’t usually get angry unnecessarily but I have feelings too, you know. Ugh, humans. 

I’m sorry for this post. Now just go ahead and have a wonderful Monday.


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