Where you’d go?

Where you'd go?

It’s been a week since you disappeared from our sight. Leaving us clueless, searching high and low and battling with emotional and mental grief day in and day out. You’ve been part of us since your eyes were blue. Part of our family. It’s not easy but we’ve come to terms in accepting this fate. We’ve heard that things happens for a reason.

This loss has emphasize some realistic matters we already realized:
1. Anything in this world is not permanent.
2. We don’t have control in our fate.
3. To love and appreciate but not put your whole heart into anything/ anyone.
4. There’s so much we can do but at the end, destiny is not in our hands.
5. The importance of effort, patience, keeping the faith and..
6. Leave it to God, only He knows best.

May you always be safe, Kimi. Always in our hearts and mind. If God’s willing, we’ll meet again (‘:


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