It’s that time again

Truth is, I’m struggling with what’s inside. At times, it can get real tough having to stand alone not having any kind of affirmative and feeling unsure of everything around you. When these things pulls me down and as uncertainty hovers on me, the past begins to haunt my mind. It’s just odd that what happens years ago can still give a pinch of sadness to the little thing inside. And as upsetting it was back then, there’s a joy of hope that is constantly pushing itself to be felt within the cloudy arrays of emotions. It takes courage to build yourself up again and time to recover. With that, comes faith – to believe,again and again.

As at the end of the day, we need to be reminded of our purpose in this life and where we’ll be going when our time is up. Remember, people come and go. There’s no such thing as permanency. And if there’s one thing we should value, it’s ‘time’.

This is perhaps one of those weird nights I have, sitting, wondering.. thinking why am I not in bed, sleeping. Pardon me for the ridiculous grammars but you know what? It’s Mother Language’s Day anyway and English isn’t my native language. Enjoy your weekend and may peace be upon you.


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