Life Cycle

Today, one of my ex primary school friend, gave birth to a little girl. I immediately thought about how beautiful the baby is. MashaAllah. Few weeks ago, one of my cousin gave birth to a beautiful girl as well, Alya. I had the chance to carry and observe its pureness. That experience itself of having a child on your hand is too wonderful to not appreciate.

It just seems like a coincidence that a number of people around me are getting married, pregnant or have just given birth. I wonder about how these people must have felt. It’s like a huge significant event has happened in their life and to say, happy, is an understatement. One must experience and feel it to understand it.

I just wonder how it feels like to have a “mini-me” of my own. I really wonder how it is to look at a child of my own. I just wonder. Of course, these things are beyond our control.

Now, let’s all just take a moment to realize how beautiful and amazing are His creations.

May peace be upon you.


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