I’m not usually the expressive type, who would randomly express my gratitude to the people around me. However, this comfy weather tonight makes me feel extra emotional and weird. Had to switch the usual ambient songs to fully pop Glee songs to accompany me doing these piles of incomplete work that are due very soon. It does make me feel a little better and positive. Thus, this out of the blue post.

Mum, dad, sis, bro, grandma, other family members, my closest girlfriends from childhood, secondary school, polytechnic or anywhere unexpected, the great colleagues, my project mates and other significant people who still keep up with me, I’m so blessed to have all of you around. No, seriously. The whole of tonight made me reflect on bits and pieces of my life. Which I’m still so afraid and excited about. That makes me go out and about about the people around me.

The major point of all these makes me think back on the One who gave me all these. He, who never fails to be there all the time even when at times, we forget about His existence.

Can’t be more blessed than this. Have a great week 🙂


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