This makes me go “Uh huh”, “Yup, that’s me alright“.. Go on to read the next few lines and went “Damn this is so true. Wth?”, “Sounds like I could use the phrase forever alo.. Nah forget it, I won’t put myself in self pity by using that #foreveralone tags. Too mainstream!” Can’t help it but nods to every single line. “Now, how can she be so accurate.. I was having all these thoughts in my mind. Creepy fella“, “Oh wait, didn’t my friend just mentioned what she stated just few days ago?! and that’s what my sis said exactly!” “Oh no...”. Stared at the strings of words and gasp in disbelief.

Sorry, I was just exaggerating. Well, apparently I’m not the only one who have these assumptions. Yes, my sis actually claim that I have high standards. Err I definitely have no issue with befriending someone who is quite overweight but has awesome taste in music and interest and cracks me up all the time (Yes, I’m referring to that young Matt in 13 going on 30 which I just watched last night – played by Sean Marquette). So now, someone please explain to me what are the factors that makes people think we have high standards?

As a matter of fact, I can’t and I don’t want to imagine myself being in any relationship. Well, not for now really. Cliche as it sounds,  I like the freedom and not having anyone to stop or question me from pursuing anything or going anywhere.

I just love being single, honestly. Do you?

This article kind of gives me a sign of relief knowing that I’m not over-thinking (now, allow me to laugh to myself please).


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