I speak English Vinglish

Last weekend, I caught one of the newly released Hindi movie – English Vinglish. It was an impulsive idea that just happened while  I was doing some reading in the library. Yes, it was that moment when I got distracted and just feel that I have to do something by myself. I’m not someone who would give a lengthy review of any movie I watch but I need to provide some feedback about it. About the experience. 

Of struggling my way through the super crowded Jade cinema, full of Hindus and Indians, which I really have no complain. I actually enjoyed the busy atmosphere. Felt like I was in India, though I don’t exactly know how it really feels like to be there. Everyone was literally busy doing something and when I mentioned “super crowded”, it WAS REALLY CROWDED. The kind of crowd where you barely have space to walk in, forced to squeeze to any available lots and being crushed and pushed through as you tried to get to the other side. When I realized that I only came in to the theatre when everyone has already seated down, I tried my best to creep in without anyone noticing but obviously it failed. My seat was situated right in the middle and I made at least 4 people stood up in the 10 minutes of the show. (oh gawd, bear in mind I’m actually typing almost every details, unconsciously. I’ll try to control my excitement then.) 

English Vinglish – (like I mentioned in one of my tweets; It was a very good heartwarming story). During the show, I was literally ‘laughing out loud’ and smacking my bag repeatedly when it happened, giving that long “awww” in whichever part that’s appropriate, clapped my hands whenever I got excited (no, don’t look at me like I’m some seal) and finally, weeping when I got utterly emotional. Unknowingly, I joined in to the crowd’s reaction. Realized everyone in the theatre was sharing the same emotions and I didn’t feel out of place at all, despite being the odd one out. At the end of the show, I sighed, as I recalled how sorry I felt towards the French guy, who ended up didn’t have a cup of coffee with the lead actress (Sashi is the character’s name). By the way, talking about the lead actress, Sridevi – this film was actually a comeback hit for her who went for an acting break for many years just to raise her daughters. Well, this is according to what I’d Wiki-ed and my mum. Such a classy lady. 

I won’t reveal anything more about the show apart from what I felt after watching it. Think I was having some post-movie syndrome (if that term ever exist). I began imagining myself being in her shoes, on experiencing a different culture and lifestyle. Feeling good when something good happen and seeing the world differently. There was this certain positive feeling inside that is quite unexplainable. 

Now, I’m left drowning with the film’s wonderful soundtracks. Go and listen to all of them. In fact, go and catch the movie when you’re free (: As for now, I’ll leave you with one of my favourite song from it – Gustakh Dil.

 Have a good week and may peace be upon you.


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