Jenkinson. Yes, Carl Jenkinson.

Carl Jenkinson

Steve Jenkinson’s words

Tonight match that ended with a draw between England champions, Man City and Arsenal, makes me fall in love with the team more. On a same note, I’m beginning to notice Carl Jenkinson’s remarkable performance lately. His pace, crosses and especially his defence skills has been improving gradually. I know it has only been our fifth game and few haters may consider that it is too soon to review but I’m pretty sure that most of us agree that he fits in nicely as our right back. Our first choice right back, Sagna, is out due to an injury and this is very much a blessing in disguise for the gooner at heart. A hardworking lad who’s a true and longtime Arsenal fan. His passion is beginning to shine through among all the other senior players. Meanwhile, this also shows about Arsene’s brilliant observation and prediction. Time and again, his usual scouting for youth proves to be successful both for the club and the players themselves. 

The second picture shows the words from Carl’s dad, who he himself is a gooner. Well, his whole family is a fan of the club actually. I’m sure his grandad would be proud of him, considering how much he has improve and achieve just at the age of 20!

It’s only the fifth game of the season and we’ve gone all five unbeaten. Last season at this time, we were nowhere near  the 5th position. Getting rid of all the unnecessary cluster from the team has probably given us the luck so far. Though I still choose to believe that the hardwork and hunger from our passionate players are the main reason behind our powered engines currently. Of course not forgetting Steve Bould’s big influence in our solid defence this season and definitely Arsene’s firm beliefs. 

It’s 3 in the morning and I’ve no idea why I am still awake. Well, it’s partly because I still can’t get over the excitement from today’s game and results. Another one of the reason may probably involved Jenkinson. I’ll admit, I’m beginning to have a crush on the young right back. The first time I saw him in the pitch, I asked myself “Who’s this slouchy guy? He played badly and looks like someone who has a really low self-esteem (just by looking at the way he slouch).” So of course that perception change over time, I’m guilty of that. I really am. Well yes he’s 3 years younger, stands at 1.86m and far away from being mine (haha).. But hey, I’m still loving the guy. 

Till then, have a good day celebrating our massive draw against the so called ‘England Champion’ while I’m gonna swoon over Jenkinson’s monotonous boyish face 🙂


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