Stay this way

That night when the Habib recited some prayers for the well being of all of us during this beautiful month of Ramadhan, I felt different. Felt like something hit the soft spot of this tiny thing inside me, which made me quietly wiped my tears off,  avoiding my mum from witnessing it. That odd feeling and salty tears draped for almost 15minutes. Uncontrollable, for a reason I couldn’t find. Solemn yet beautiful at the same time. How has your fasting been so far, (for those who observe fasting)? I’ve had chinese friends who actually fast the whole day, of the whole month. That really impresses me. And I’m really proud of all of my 16 little children who managed to fulfill their fast for full day, for the past 10 days. Sure they still made me angry time and again but they still amazes me how they’re so wonderful. They did a mini performance last Friday and though there were some glitches here and there, again, that feeling of seeing them putting all their days of hardwork and effort on the final day itself was indescribable. 

Pardon me for getting all emotional suddenly. It doesn’t help that I’m a lady, really.

And just happened that I came across this video. Pretty epic.. almost made me broke into tears but I had to stuff it all inside. Should stop getting all weepy and dejected. Last season was again, another devastating year but surely we managed to make it through. A reflection of how we fared made me come to a conclusion that sometimes, people forget how good Arsene actually is and how magnificent this club really is. Yes, despite any faults or mistakes we did. With that being said, I’m definitely looking forward to the upcoming new season. Few days away, let’s believe and hope for a better one. Up the Arsenal!

Salam Ramadhan Mubarak, may peace be upon you (:


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