Finally, something that I can relate to. This is a reflection of my life. I’m the only one who’s in my group of friends who has never go through being in a ‘real relationship’. I’ve never met or hang out with my exes’ family or friends and so on. Well, not that I want to be in one at this point of time but really, I don’t know how to be in one either. Despite some introduction of guys from friends or being asked out from people I’ve known, I’ve gotten used to rejecting or ignoring them. Over and over again. Why? Simply because I’m not interested. So if you just happened to be someone I know and I accept your offer in asking me out or reply your text with so much thoughts, it just means I enjoy your company and would like to know you more. It’s as simple as that but often (in my case), it didn’t have any follow-ups. Do mind that this is not some self-pity reblogging moment. This is just something I’ve been experiencing throughout my whole 23 years and it doesn’t really bother me that much, don’t worry. It’s like we’re used to being alone and people think we’re lonely. Dude, there’s a huge difference and there is a reason why ‘alone’ and ‘lonely’ are spelled differently. We’re constantly trying to figure ourselves out and there’s just no one who fits in our life, just yet. Maybe it’s just that those men we’ve met don’t find us interesting enough. Or as how the post stated, “maybe this is my weak spot”. However, if we happened to know who we want to spend our little moments with, let’s just say we don’t have the courage and prefer not to go for it. Thus, we’re being left pondering and wishing someday, someone, would be there where we want them to be.


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