Absence & Denial

It’s just one of those tired nights after a long day with heavy eyelids and soft music in the background. Makes you just want to throw yourself onto the bed and allows it to swallow you. It’s just one of those moment when your mind is rushing with thoughts and it pinned down to a particular soul. I’m not one who would reveal much to anyone but I’m beginning to feel a certain sense of absence lately. You know when you’re getting used to a situation and you’re feeling like everything’s going to be alright but suddenly something just had to block you from flying high. From living the good dream. Feels like it was just days ago I was living in the dream and it takes few days for reality to slap me in the face. Harsh, indeed. 

I’m hoping this harsh reality will also be the one making me occupied with just work, studies and children. Just that. If this is how it’s gonna be, I’m prepared to hide this tiny thing inside me away and embrace whatever’s in place. At the same time, those “I told you so..” would be lingering in my mind for as long as I’m going to hide. Now, here we go again. *Gulp*


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