Remember how I bantered about my days earlier this week and hope for a better end? God surely knows it all. I can’t be thankful enough as to how my weekends had been. Lemme sum it up in the most simplest way I can think of, alright?  

Catch the Hunger Games on friday’s night. Pretty ok and if I were to compare with Harry Potter and Twilight, I’d obviously go for it. Never a fan and probably never will watch the redundant love story of vampires and mr flat nose. Anyway, went to watch it with one of my new friend. Well, it wasn’t as awkward as I’d imagined or had a hard time talking like how I would be whenever I meet a new friend back then. So, thank you! 🙂 And so the weekend moved on to the Saturday. Had a brilliantly great day. Can’t remember the last time I had one. Despite the heavy head and disturbing cramp, walked a mile with Amira just to catch the performance. During the whole journey, it feels like I hopping from one city to another. One minute it feels like I’m in India, the next in Malaysia then Taiwan. The people and places it gave was just mysteriously attractive. 

The long awaited Swar Tarang musical waves performance was beautiful. Everything about it; the sound, the atmosphere, the music that echo around the ears of everyone in the theatre was breathtaking. Believe it or not, I actually think I hallucinated rabbits, hairy monsters (or werewolfs) and some other weird creatures in some point. I saw them mingling around in odd areas, I swear. It took me a while to shake those images off and to realize that it’s not real. Such a bizarre experience. And so, we survived through the crowd and ended up talking silly stuffs like how unlikely we would be on working days. To wrap up my night, my boys did me proud with a win against Aston Villa with an easy 3-0 lead. 7 win in a row now, we’re slowly climbing back up alright.

It’s a chilling Sunday. The trees are drenched and the cats are napping soundly in the comfy couch. I’m about to head out to enjoy a freezing flavored ice cream with the women I love. In the meantime, would like to share with you one of the lovely song from the ever amazing Ólafur Arnalds, a perfect song for moment like this.

Near Light

Now, have a good evening and let’s gear up for Monday shall we? May peace be upon you. 


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