Paddy field, yes please

It’s only the beginning of March but the feeling of exhaustion has set onto me. Am at the point where I’m trying to accept the reality of life. People come, people go. Isn’t this what I’d learn since years ago? Yes I thought I should probably be used to this situation but when you’re stuck in a dreaded working environment and the only people you’re close with are leaving, the sense of giving up sets in. The thought of being the only one stranded and having 3 years more to go, it seems pretty darn long. That will to do something I’ve been wanting to do comes knocking at my head. Well it’s probably not that clear plus, I still have few years to think through about it. I need some rainbow in my life right now, apart from the children. I’m living in a monotonous cycle for quite some time. There’s just so much we can do and I’m working towards it. Well, slowly.. 

Being in such thoughts makes me want to bask myself under mr sun with the clear blue sky and huge fluffy clouds sheltering above me at a sea of green field. That will be my ultimate getaway, really. 

Picture courtesy of Travelsbali

I should probably get a ticket and take a break, yes? Please. Now, I shall face another day and well, keep dreaming.


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