Today I woke up with a shocking news. After sleeping off last night with a huge smile, all thanks to Arsenal’s win against Sunderland with King Henry’s winning goal, it was something hard to swallow. Whitney Houston has passed away today. She was one of the most sensational and legendary singer of all time. She passed away at the age of 48. According to the news, she was found unconscious. Many believe the cause was the obvious but I won’t mention. I remember growing up listening to some of her songs when mother tuned in to them and sang her heart out. When I broke the news to her, as expected she found it hard to accept. Mother’s only words were “What a waste, really. Such a beautiful lady”. Her music was soulful and her voice, can never be replaced or found in the modern music world. Let’s all pay our tributes, in respect for her. This is one of my favorite song from her. So much meaning and soul. When I listen to it today, the moment she sing out the first words, there was this certain feeling that hits this tiny thing inside me. Then, I realize tears was falling. The impact, it was that great. 

Mariah Carey ft Whitney Houston – When You Believe

Even the weather is mourning about her departure. Rest in peace Whitney, you’ll always be remembered by everyone of us. Till then, may all of us treasure what we have right now before it’s taken away from the Almighty. And may we lend a helping hand to millions of people who are dying right now. May peace be upon you. 


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