I was thinking about ya

I had a pretty much strange weekend, with lots of things that happened. Watched the Arsenal match in a random pub alone, expressing the joy of their victorious 7-1 win all by myself  and made few random chats with strangers. I almost had a great weekend.. Well, can’t really find the right words to say but one thing that I was really looking forward to dampen my feelings totally. I didn’t get to see my all time celebrity crush, David Archuleta. He was in Singapore on Sunday for an autograph signing session at 3:30pm but due to some constraints, I ended up reaching there 2 hours later. I missed it out. Even with that, I hold on to the hope of seeing him there, still. But obviously, when I reached there the store was empty. He has left. All I can ever do was to imagine his presence and knows that he walked on the same floor, went in to the same door and his presence was there hours ago. For a moment it felt like I was in some music video. Of an ordinary girl who has a crush on a charming celebrity who has the impression of her dream guy, in hope of meeting and seeing him face to face. Only to end up being dejected because she reached there a little bit too late. 

I still remember he went down here one year ago and similarly, I didn’t get to get his autograph and be face to face. The only vivid memory I had was seeing him from a far and admiring his charm and blurred snippets of him. And I thought I would go to the US someday to see him if he wouldn’t come here again. But I guess, it’s just not my luck. For the second time, I missed out on it. I’m feeling really gutted about this whole thing. Because at the end of the day, all I can do is just dream. For that, I’m going to post one of his song. 

David Archuleta – My Kind of Perfect

What a beautiful song, it actually drilled down in this tiny little thing inside me and made me teared up for a moment. 

They say give it time, give it time and it will fall in line

But I keep wondering how and when. And why I haven’t met you.

Till someday, I’ll keep dreaming.


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