Come and don’t go

Sigur Ros – Njosnavelin

Listening to this after a long day is just purely relieving. And strangely, my thoughts are bringing me far away to some places and.. someone? Just a split few seconds moment, don’t worry.

Anyway, the children has been good so far but they get on my nerves sometimes. It’s normal for teachers, right? I shouldn’t be asking the obvious. And hey, it’s February already which means I’ve 11 more months to go. Not to forget, today is the transfer deadline day for football fanatics. Arsenal has signed Thomas Eisfeld from Borussia Dortmund. I’ve never watch him play but well, let’s welcome him. With that being said, I really hope Arshavin will not be transferred out from the club. I’ve seen rumors about him leaving and we’re left with eight more hours but I know Arsene is always full of surprises when it comes to this day. So, please pray hard that by the time I wake up, he’ll still be part of us. If he doesn’t, I know my days are not going to be the same again. Trust me. 

Alright now, let’s hope for a better day later. May peace be upon you. 


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