Victoria Concordia Crescit

Nothing else can describe how I’m feeling right now about the whole situation about the Arsenal-Man United game earlier. Especially on the substitution issue, to be more specific on Oxlade’s replacement by Arshavin (don’t get me wrong, Ox has been brilliant and great over the past many games). I’ve vent it out in my twitter and facebook, for those interested you can kindly click on those links and read what I thought and feel about it. Note; that was just part of it. Nonetheless, I’ve said it already, I’ll say it again.

“Such a controversial game. What amazed me was the reaction on the substitution. To the fans who booed, that wasn’t nice at all. You don’t go around saying you’re an Arsenal fan but insulted and humiliated a player and especially the boss who’s still part of the team, like that. That just proves a point, it’s a shame for you to be a gooner.”

Shouldn’t we be supporting instead of booing? There we are screaming in joy when we win, yes of course we want to win in every game (who wants to lose?). But then again, there you are spitting out such harsh remarks and gives a shameful reaction when we couldn’t offer the best. Is becoming a fan of a football team consist of just winning games and trophies? Fuck you to those who reacted that way earlier and supports a team without realizing there’d always be defeat. You don’t run away from it, except if our team is The Invicibles. And what surprise me the most, always, is that why does our team receive the most criticism when we lost any game? Compare us to any of the teams in the lower part of the table or as close as to Liverpool and Chelsea. Why isn’t any of their flaws being mentioned or rather emphasized much? Our team has consistently been in the top four since Wenger took over, won the league/ FA cup titles and create players like Henry, Bergkamp, Viera, Cesc, Nasri and many more. If it just happens that ladyluck isn’t on our side this season and we couldn’t finish it off, so be it.

This may get a little emotional but I’m really upset to be thinking of Arshavin’s position right now. I wonder how he’s taking this whole pressure and remarks from fans. I know he’s been in poor form lately but hey, if you had even watch the premier league this season since the start, you’ll understand why. He hasn’t been starting and rarely got the chance to play during the first half of the league. What’s more, even if he played he only got in for not the whole 90minutes. You can’t expect perfection, there’s no such thing. And oh, as much as I love Robin, I never thought that he would reacted that way about the replacement too. From the look of it, I guess he felt a little guilty at the end of the game. Either that, or he’s just very gutted about the wrong decision made my Wenger.

It’s just still too unbelievably selfish for that to happen. What happened at that point of time wasn’t what we needed, wasn’t what The Arsenal I know, it just wasn’t right. You want Wenger out? Find someone who can build a team so magnificent as what he had done over the last many years. I don’t see any other teams or manager who provide and gives so much to young players and create legends, treat football like how it’s meant to be and has such strong philosophy.

Just by typing all these down made me teared up. It wasn’t the fact that we lose that hurts, it’s how these fans actually call themselves a fan. So much disrespect and shame. It’s such a misery that this could leave a huge impact on me, leaving so much thoughts and feelings. Maybe I’m being too passionate but that’s how it’s usually is, isn’t it? There’s just so much for me to say but for now pardon me for all the bantering and any harsh language. I’ll need to give a hug to my Arsenal pillow tonight because that’s the closest I can get to telling the team that through thick and thin, we’ll go through together.

Victoria Concordia Crescit.


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