The legend, The Arsenal

Last night’s match. FA cup 3rd round. Arsenal 1-0 Leeds United. It was the highlight of the day, of the week. Thierry Henry making his return to the club, on a two-month loan deal made his debut in 78 mins of the game. With a brilliant pass from Song, a single touch to the ball and another to score made the whole Emirates Stadium and obviously from gooners all around the world erupted. Just within minutes on the pitch, he showed class and such composure. His presence was mind-blown, like a real king entering a parade. That goal, we’ve all seen it but what made it more special was his passion for the club, the reason behind that goal and the occasion. The special day and as what the commentator had said “the script is written”. It just seem like all of us were brought back to few years back when we were still in the Highbury stadium, during The Invincibles time.

Henry said he feels like it was a dream. Trust me, I’m pretty sure all of us gooners felt like it was a dream at that moment, it was too good and real to be true to see a legend like him being there. It’s like bringing past to the future. It  was like orgasm (pardon me for the not so nice word). How many millions of us erupted like we’ve won the league title and witnessing his goal celebration with style. Epic and showing in slow motion made it emotional, plus what’s not, he hugged Arsene. That period there, gave an immediate reminiscence of Robin’s celebration after scoring against Barca last season at our home ground. An exact copy of moment captured, beautifully. 

However, of course let’s not forget the other key players’ contribution in the game last night. Arshavin looked like he was where we last remember him back when he scored 4 goals against Liverpool and that winning goal against Barca in the CL. If he continues to play like that, I’m sure it’ll give me hope that Arsene won’t sell him off. I’ve always love him as a player. Next would be Oxlade, whom all of us know is going to be immense in time to come. His countless effort has prove that he may well be put in the first team regularly. Last but not least, the main engine behind our dominating side; Mikel Arteta. Given the captain armband, he took it so well and with so much poise and class, he shows how it’s suppose to be done. Yes he did fired weak shots here and there but he deserve so much credit for everything he has contribute in building up our current form ever since he came to the club. He, I feel is the man of the match for last night actually. I’ve so much love and respect for him. So here’s the highlight of last night’s match. 

Henry’s return just proves that form is temporary, class is permanent. He, a true legend of The Arsenal. Everything about the match and well, the club, is phenomenal. Alright let’s embrace this wonderful moment and hope the second half of the Premier League will be an exciting one. Manchester City, Man United, Chelsea, Spurs? Bring it on.


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