When the going gets tough, the tough gets going

I was greeted with such news in this long weekend. There’s mixed emotions stirring up inside me. Part of me feel contented while another gives me a bit of morbid feeling weaved in between. Sister shared with me the good news, that she is promoted to be the Senior Enrolled Nurse. She’ll be holding much more responsibilities. It then reflect back on my own part, I’ll be handling the K2 children next year which similarly means, more responsibilities. Technically it’s suppose to be a joyful news for me but I see it as a more difficult task. It’s going to get tough. I’m left with one more week, still finding it hard to believe.

My younger cousin is getting married later. She’s as young as the time when I was still taking my O levels. I watched her grow from a toddler up to when she was deemed to be a teenager. Two years ago when our relative got married, I remember both of us had a talk outside under the bright lit moon. The conversation was merely about our lives and how things were. None of us expected that two years later, she’ll be the one getting hitched. Marriage is suppose to be a joyous occasion but I’m trying to absorb and accepting the facts of reality. That still doesn’t dampen my  mood of being very delighted and happy for her :’) 

Being surrounded with these festive occasions and where getting married seems like a weekend subject, I can’t help but ponder about my fate each time I’m attending them. Few years ago, I was planning out how I’d wanted my life to be when I reach this age. It’s nowhere near. I don’t know what God has for me but deep within me, I’m glad about how much pain I had withstand and recover from the men he pulled out from my life. What one of my friend had shared with me yesterday made me realized that all of these are for my own good. Someway or another, He protected me. 

It’s always at that moment when a change happen that you don’t realize the gratification. Because it’s only after you had overcome and give in to acceptance, you’ll then know the reason. 

I’m going to share with you a song. It brings such great feeling of serenity.

Maher Zain – The Chosen One

Alright I should be sleeping now, am so drained out. Gotta wake up real early later for the wedding! 🙂 I hope this long weekend is a blissful one for all of you. May peace be upon you.


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