Shed those tears for the right reasons

Let’s start off to how early my day started today. Woke up early in the morning to catch the Arsenal’s match, pretty much contented that I get to witness the win from the gunners 🙂 To make it a little brighter, I took a day off. In coincidental, I needed it to recharge myself from the past many days of over-working my body and well, I woke up later in the day feeling horrible from yesterday’s migraine. Despite that, spending my entire afternoon in the library and running some errands in the neighborhood has never felt better, on a weekday. 

Amidst these redundant information, I just witness the most heartbreaking documentary that’s ever been made. I ought to thank one of my knowledgeable friend who has been sharing about this issue. Only when I watch it myself, I realize how cruel one can be. Innocent people being killed, children as young as babies being victims of this inhumane act. What lies on that land, only those experiencing it would understand the pain. How it feels like to be sleeping in fear of being attack, everyday. Now, compare your troubles with theirs. Reflect how much difference there are. I urge all of you to watch this. Such an eye-opener. Watching it is the closest experience you’ll ever get to bring yourself in that surreal situation.

Tears of Gaza

Thank you to the ones who made this movie possible, the courageous men and women. And to for sharing the sources and information. I would just like to share it in here. Just like how the blog had mentioned, “that should be watched by every American, to see how Israel spends our taxes. Every European should watch it, to see the true face of Israel. It should be viewed by every Arab, to renew our resolve not to allow a racist nation to wipe Palestine and her children from the map and from history.” and “I hope this film will be shown throughout the world, across university campuses, communities, organizations and living rooms. Take this not just as a review, but a call to action.”

In between the despairing actions, my heart pinched in pain. How ignorance all of us has been, how much we’re unaware of what’s happening to our fellow Muslims. The only words that explains the emotions for this misery are tears and prayers. Perhaps what is most questionable for this affliction is why isn’t there any help offered? Plus many others. Where do the world’s management priorities lies? What are the world spending on? Where’s the humanity’s rights? Are we spending our lives meaningfully? And the list goes on. 

The only help you can probably give is your du’a. May Allah protect them insyaAllah, Amin.

May you have a blissful day, may peace be upon you. 


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