Vanish from time

There must be a reason for things to happen. I’ve been missing out so much in life that the only thing that keeps me moving is the family and friends I keep falling back into. It has always been work. It’s crazy, I’ve been staying back till very late for more than a week now. To the extend of canceling off my leaves just to complete my stuffs. I don’t wish to become a workaholic but am I turning into one? Friday and Saturday’s nights don’t sound exciting to me now. All I want is to just lie down in the comfy bed and not facing anyone apart from the usual ones I’m seeing everyday. So many things that’s under my belt, hidden thoughts and silent words waiting for me to spill. Slowly time is vanishing, moments are dull. I don’t remember having a time where I’ll sit and take a breather, no thoughts completely. Seems like I’m living in denial, unable to accept any setbacks or things that’s going to happen in reality. My body’s screaming help but my mind is bantering “wait”. I should be given a slap on my back and forget about all these worries. 

There’s just so much for us to give, but how much can we receive?

Rachael Yamagata

Have blissful days ahead, may peace be upon you.


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