The last words

These past few weeks has been crazy, till now. I’m beginning to think I’m becoming a workaholic. My mind and life right now is always filled up with work and school. All thanks to the pre-pressure I’m having for next year. It’s 3 weeks to the start and I’m already having the jitters everyday. From setting up the classroom to trying to control my emotions when handling my children for the last few weeks and coming up with so many plans at a time for the near future. My mind is telling  just do it  but my heart knows myself way better. It’s illogical.

Far from this, I’m trying to keep myself sane by spending quality time with the children. Spend whatever remaining time I have with them. They never fail to make my day, they always brighten up my day I swear. Darn now I’m getting all sentimental with these emotions in the midst of me listening to Ólafur Arnalds – Ljósið right at this current moment. How I wish I’m in some far away country full of greeneries, mountains and cottages.

Amidst of these whole chaos and rushing thoughts, I’ve been missing a single soul. Well, not really missing but more of like wondering how has he been since we last kept in touch. It’s weird on how those deep conversations in the distant moments we had, are etched so profoundly in my mind. What I learnt was far more than what I had discovered. And how he could make everything seems alright with the endless encouraging words. Haven’t heard from him for some time now. I still do remember his last words “Talk to you some other time” attached with an emoticon. Since then, I hasn’t heard a news from the distant being. Here in silence, I’m hoping he’s doing well and not freezing out there.

Nonetheless, time still moves on. I guess I better stop here and continue the rush through the weekend. May Allah bless us all, may peace be upon you. 


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