Hakuna Matata

There would come a time when every little piece of sadness or angst that you’ve hid beneath your heart had build up over time, collapse. It’s that moment when you know that vulnerable thing can no longer withstand it. Everything around you seems to change profusely, making it’s so hard for you to accept. It’s that instant when you thought you’re strong. It has been an emotional crazy ride for me at work recently. Almost everything seems too unreal to believe and swallow. I can never imagine myself being up there with the taller little ones, amount of work need to be done and what’s not, the hectic amount of tasks, expectations and pressure. It just seems insane. For now, I just need the strength to carry on, complete whatever tasks I’m in for, be prepared and to savior my last few weeks with these adorable toddlers I’ve watched over for almost a year. They’ve grown to be so intelligent and well, makes me feel like I’m their day ‘mother’. They have been a part of me, which makes it more hard for me to let them go. Those who know me well, would know how I can be so emotionally attached to things and people. You know what, I’m going to embrace what God has for me and if I’m going to stick to this, I might as well take the challenge. As what one of my friend had said, I took care of them when they’re most vulnerable. May they be obedient boys and girls.

Let’s think on the brighter side. Arsenal has and always been a part of my happiness. I’m really more than happy to see them getting back on track and firing in the shots to win their recent games. Apart from that, I’ve been shifting all my other thoughts aside for the meantime. Here’s something positive that may cheer myself up for the moment. Remember those days when you have nothing to worry about, when you were a child, it’s so wonderful. 

Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase. Oh don’t you agree?


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