Three smiles

It’s getting a little challenging as the days goes by. Every single day I find myself thinking whether whatever I get myself involved is what I desire. These days, I realize my heart is searching for answers. My mind and soul aren’t in place, they’re always lingering around elsewhere. It’s hard when nothing is ever assured for our tomorrows.

Life’s been fair. Part of me feels glad that I’m finally giving myself a chance to open up to someone now. But another part of me can’t help but feel doubtful about this whole thing. I don’t even know where it may lead to, for all I know we’re just youths hungry and hunting for love. Despite many tries and falls, I still can’t figure out the true definition of loving someone. As, love is God. It was never about love when we open up to someone, it’s more of taking chances to bring something different in our lives. 

Whatever that happened last night, I chose to take it as just being told the truth. There’s a reason why I wanted to be ignorant, why I think I can never be fully happy with anyone. God knows what makes me hold this barrier in my mind for everything else. 

Caught BFF earlier and I don’t know why I felt a different sense of sadness and happiness while watching it. It was just a drama but can’t help but I thought I could understand where it was coming from. All of us can always somehow relate some stories to our own real life story, right? 

Put all this heart strings matter away, I woke up on Tuesday feeling so great when I saw my old time favorite band, Vedera, started following me in twitter. Man, I’ve been a fan of them since years ago. I almost thought it was a dream. They even replied to my tweet. Do you know how it feels like, especially knowing they’re like miles away. I just need to write this down because knowing that immediately made my day, it somehow makes a difference to my life and thought it kind of cheers me up (: 

I better head to bed now, it’s the children’s class photo taking session later. I wouldn’t want to end up looking like I’ve just got boxed out. Goodnight.


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