It’s the time of the year again, it’s the start of the most blissful and holy month of Ramadhan. You know how much I appreciate and love this month right? I’m just so glad I’m able to face it again but well, probably differently. What’s not with working in this line for the first time and having night classes. I’m going to pray that everything goes as well and hopefully I’ll be happier, like how I already am (: Oh and it’s August already! Means the premier league is coming, I can’t freaking wait to see my Arsenal once again although I kind of didn’t watch any of their pre-season matches. Boo for me. Wow now I’m trying to remember back what exactly happened during this period of time last year. Thought I was living the bestest time of my life. Note the word thought. 

Honestly, I kind of like the week that just passed especially the weekends. Catch both Captain America and Transformers (finally!). I’ve to say that I’m really a huge a fan of superheroes and these fantasy kind of movies. I was so in love with Optimus Prime, it touch my heart when I witnessed his heroic aspect in the last part of the scene. 

Uhm I should be sleeping like now but I’m kind of like waiting for no reason? And finishing up on my lesson plans while listening to National’s day songs to get in the mood. Now I’m just waiting for this week to end quickly and zoom to the weekend again. Alright I’m beginning to type like a typical no brainer blogger now so I think I better make a move first.

Have a joyous Ramadhan to my muslim brothers and sisters (:


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