Am not sure why this sudden rush of thoughts tonight but I guess it’s all because of whatever that had happened within a week. I’m having a withdrawal symptom from last week, like from so much things. Everything’s almost seems surreal. Felt like a dream, felt like 7 days wasn’t all that took for me to feel this way. Darn now it makes me like I’m so emotional by penning this down. The truth is, I just need something to take this all out to. Pardon me for this while I try to think of the words I thought of. 

Alright let’s think about Arsenal. I’ve so much to share about my trip to Kuala Lumpur last week to watch them play against Malaysia. Everything about it was just magical. Even being there, the whole journey, just being away made me forget about everything else. You know what, I’ll continue about this once I have ample time to story-tell about it. 

I’m running out on all the words I want to say. Only the songs I’m currently hearing are somehow cheering me up. Okay maybe I’m in denial, nothing’s making me feel better. I’m probably looking forward to just laughing at the children’s weird conversations later. I’ll get back in here, good night.


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