Yesterday was probably the day I appreciated the most. I thank my family for taking their short time and effort to celebrate my birthday though it was really simple and traditional. With a prayer, cake and the five of us, it was enough to make my day worthwhile. I can’t thank them enough plus they gave me a very nice present (: And whats not with the thoughts and wishes from the friends who never forget, I honestly think that now it’s the thought that counts. Those wishes were what make the birthday great actually. Despite not having a massive celebration or anything like that, I’m thankful I’m still alive to live this far. After 24hours of the day, I found myself having this different feeling. I can’t seem to explain what but it’s just those moment or nights I wish I wouldn’t have to sleep or work. I’m working in five hrs time and here I am, still up thinking about the people and things that evolve around my tired mind.

If you’re guessing what I did on my birthday, just take it that since I had been neglecting my home, I’d decided to stay and spent time with the family who’s always been there. Then spent the last 1/4 of the day being out, to do my assignment. A little me time on the special day wasn’t that bad at all. Ironically I wasn’t looking forward to the day actually. Maybe because I had to turn older. However, maybe the only thing that kind of wrap up the day was the same barista I blogged about before. Ok one good thing about my blog is that I don’t have many visitors so no one really knows my story. Back to the mysterious barista or rather (like I tweet) Jared Padalecki look-alike, his appearance made my day.

So I made my way down to the starbucks where he worked at. And there he was, working. That moment when I was in the queue (because he was the cashier), I swear my heart was beating so fast I think I turned pale and somewhat was so shaky. When it was my turn, I don’t know if my nervousness showed but darn, lucky I managed to compose myself to order. Ok wait, I hope I don’t sound like a psycho when I give this story? Hope not. So for those few hours, I settled somewhere that’s not really visible. Ok to think on a less-crazy context, I honestly want to pay back for the free hot chocolate he gave me that day, rmb? And maybe to ask his name so I can say thank you. But nah I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. I wonder how can a stranger actually wrapped up my day so well without doing anything much or probably nothing?

I should be sleeping like now but I can’t, the reason is because at this very moment, I actually feel like knowing that mysterious barista. Oh wait, the only thing I know is the last few letters of his name. Which doesn’t help at all. I think I’ll need a miracle or something to happen. I’m probably going to dream about him. Just, kidding. I’ll stop this crush thingy. Happy wednesday (:


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