Barista, who?

The long weekend is coming to an end and I’m quite pleased with how I’d spent it over the last few days. I could have swear that the week was disastrous for me. What’s not with me falling sick and the pressure piling in work and school. But I couldn’t feel more blessed despite spending it simple.

I met up with Syam on one of the nights and despite everything being spontaneous, I guess both of us had such fun time catching up. It’s been so long since I last laughed so much and that time ended the emotional four days I had. Yesterday I decided to visit Holland Village. Not sure why the sudden urge but I just wanted to step onto a place which I’ve came so often back when I was about five years old with my family. Only this time around I walked around alone. The store with so many varieties of magazines are still there. I could only remember vividly on how it was like back then.  Each time I’m in a bus that drives past the small town, I’ve always admire how bizarrely cozy it is. Spending my night away in the starbucks there to do my school work gave me such a positive vibe. Overall, that Saturday was an alone-me time and it feels good for some odd reasons.

Before I begin this short paragraph, I apologies if it bores you but I just feel like writing it down. Suddenly my mind blows to the thoughts of a certain stranger. A stranger whom I’ve noticed since the days when I was recovering myself one year ago. I remembered sitting at the corner of the store doing my work each time I visits the place where he’s at, never really care if he’s there. Then, on one of those lonely rainy nights early this year, I dropped by to get myself some warm cup of hot chocolate. They were closing and since I didn’t have cash with me, I asked if it’s alright for them to wait  for me to dispense at the nearest atm. Just as I was about to go off, this particular guy stopped me and actually offered to give me a free drink. Despite rejecting it, he just did it. I thought that was very nice of him and despite saying thanks, I didn’t see him smiling. He seemed busy so without wanting to just stand there and feeling that was the biggest surprise of my life, I just walked off and said, see ya soon. It was only last week that I finally got the courage to drop by. While I was basking myself outside enjoying my frappe, there he was suddenly sitting somewhere and somewhat opposite me. Once again, I was caught in the moment and I just had to get myself out from the awkward situation.

The thing is, up till now I don’t know this barista’s name and I don’t know why am I suddenly talking about this guy?

I better stop here, so have a good week ahead everyone (:


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