Sun and rain

There is something for me to smile about but after lying down on bed for a good one hour with all those rushing thoughts, those emotion flipped which turned that smile. Everything about it was just, so genuine and nice but some things just stopped me from thinking too far. It’s been a while and I had such a great time but I just had to act like I’m not thinking about anything from the start to the end.

Anyway first things first, last week seemed to be one of the challenging week at work. Thursday was the last day of one of my favorite little boy, Izzan Syahmi. Made a card for him and got a frame with a picture of him in return from his parents. The saddest part was during that last moments, he looked upset but was exceptionally happy at the same time. I received a good big hug and he gave me a kiss (: Then, when he was leaving, I just teared. That was the last. During the same week, I had to prepare myself of letting go of some of the children. I knew this was coming but I didn’t expect myself to be that emotional about this whole thing.

Suddenly it strikes me about the responsibility of my job.

I had a pretty eventful weekend but some things flipped around and it occupies my mind most of the time. I really hope everything’s okay at the end. Earlier in the day, I got to witness airplanes once again (thanks to Zach) It’s been so long since I last hear, see and feel somewhat close to them. Altogether, it feels weird but everything about the time was different, somehow. Back at home, back to reality. I thought about all those things that could make me happy and smile like a goat but funny how some words killed it.

At times, I hate how I think too much. Everything about this is weird and how it turns out to be.

Wish me luck for this week, till then.


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