Today, I learn a good lesson. I learn about a woman’s strength, the darker reality of life and how everything you witness in stories are true. Being in a women and children working environment makes me realize some things that could never be measured. After the session earlier, while I was walking back home at the pavement with the night sky curtaining above me, my mind crashed with thoughts of people who is facing tough times and teared up a little. Then, I thought about the important women in my life. The best friends, the colleagues and the family. Each and everyone faces difficult obstacles in each phase of their life, be it physically or emotionally. Some may be heavier than the others. No matter how they faced it, they got through it or still trying hard to fight it. 

Sometimes I compare my life to others and know that mine wasn’t as bad as theirs. But the only similarities all of us need to know is that our hearts were broken, our soul was tampered, our hopes were dashed, our words were silenced, our intuition were wronged, our bodies were alone, our ears were shut and our eyes were filled with tears every night. I’ve been there and god knows how much it took me. One has to have courage to face every challenges and knows when is enough.

And I just happened to hear Mariah Carey’s Hero from some random places coincidentally which is the perfect song for this moment;

when you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong

And you’ll finally see the truth, that a hero lies in you “

I hope tomorrow brings a better day, goodnight.


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