The Sweetest Dream

Everything’s been great despite spending most of my time doing and being at work. Gawd, I know I’m just a childcare teacher but you don’t have any idea how the commitments and responsibilities are. I have been neglecting this blog for quite a while and I miss having the inspiration to write a lot and not caring if I’m being too long winded.

There’s so many things that happened over the past many weeks and days. The world’s in great chaos right now, what’s not with the recent disasters that hit Japan and political issues that has been mingling within the Middle Eastern countries. I came across the pictures of the aftermath of the natural disaster and it was really terrible and heartbreaking. It’s only three months from the new year. Time flies and we’re ending 1/4 of the year already. I wonder if all of us are doing our part.

Being part of a Muslim organization has somehow made me feel more empathy towards people who deserve to be felt. This could also be because I’ve been spending so much time alone and depending only on myself, although I don’t know if it’s any related, but maybe? Or it could also possibly be knowing the people who sticks to me no matter how busy or apart they are. It’s like rediscovering and realizing who change but still knows I’m part of them, over and over again. It’s kind of hard when the people you used to be so close with, whom you meet up with almost every weekend suddenly disappeared out from your life. Or you just find it weird to even start back those conversations you once find it easy to have. It’s a cycle and I know I’m stronger than before to face all these changes, insyallah.

Anyway let’s put aside all these emotional wrecking because as much as I feel upset about Arsenal’s chances and their last previous matches, I know I need to still support them till the end. Yes, it’s frustrating considering all those injuries list, the blunders that happened and of course the never ending critics about our boys. But we just need to look on the bright side, we’re still in the running in the league and Jens Lehmann is back (but he was at the bench on last night’s match)! It felt so surreal and as if I’m back to watching their games when Pires and gang were still in the team.

Not forgetting, almost everyone was talking about the moon yesterday’s night. It was the super moon and I didn’t get to see it. I wonder how big and close it was, the last time I remembered seeing a moon so close (literally) was when I was very very young and small at Raffles Place. I know I tweeted this but it was like the one you seen in ET, yes that kind. And so while I was thinking about the moon, I looked up to the sky tonight and such a pretty sight it is. The stars and glowing moon looks perfectly beautiful. And god bless classic songs that fits to listen in this kind of nostalgic night.

On the other hand, I’m beginning to feel this different tingly feeling recently. I don’t know why but it just happened and it’s just, weird. And before I put myself to sleep, I bought The Script’s tickets (sorry I just need to say this again)! (: Pardon me but buying the ticket is the 2nd most expensive thing I’ve ever bought for myself over the years thus the excitement.

Alright it’s Sunday, take care everyone (:


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