Let’s talk and dream

Despite facing so much confusion, dilemma, dramas, regrets and secrets, I can safely say that life for the past many months has been like a revolution period for me. I’ve learn a lot of things from discovering two different societies that are able to keep me grounded but at the same time explore the life that’s beyond what I expected. This followed with stuffs I have to leave and move on from, realizing that I can never liaise well with. Then move on by knowing and getting to know more people who eventually turns out to be friends I never thought I would be somehow close with. God really knows how to give us tricks and situations which makes life more interesting. It’s ironic how things are turning out to be for now. Although I’m stuck and feels like i need to make a decision, I couldn’t stick to it. Knowing how the same things and people keep cycling through in my already messy life.

Simply to say, I love my current life. I’m glad everything turns out to be better.

Have a great weekend, I know I already am and going to (:


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