Learn from my mistakes

David Archuleta

He was in town last few days and guess what, i actually went down to his autograph session just to admire him from afar. Without getting any autograph from him. I know, wasted. Put that aside because at least i get to see how super cute and friendly he is and not forgetting to faidi for snapping some blurred pictures of him (: I think I don’t mind traveling all the way just to get a snap with him in the future.

These past few days, I’ve not been getting much inspiration and it saddens me. I’ve got myself the markers, papers and ambiance but when it comes to smudging the ink, nothing happen. And I’ve been trying to find myself in the midst of all these chaotic days.

I’ve come to a point in my life where every now and then when people steps in, I keep telling myself that they will eventually leave. Every single moment will only last a second. And right after they have serve their purpose in mine, I’m back to where it begins. This is probably one of the reason why i can never find myself being committed and believe anything that anyone says despite them being so genuine. It’s kind of sad but nothing is ever guaranteed. It doesn’t make sense but I’m trying to understand where all this are going. Maybe someday it will.

Let’s stop this for a while because I hope all Muslims had a great Aidiladha and appreciate the true value of this eventful day. I wish I have a hidden village somewhere in Indonesia or maybe Brunei, that’s going to make me a carefree girl.

Listening to Coldplay’s songs brings nostalgic moments in this cold night. You know what, it’s only two days to the ceremony and I’m nervous.



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