It was only just a dream

Been through a lot of things here and there lately. Work has been very busy with all the super last minute involvement in the graduation ceremony while rushing trying to finish up the portfolios of the two kids i had to do. Plus, what can make things worse and worrying than knowing that almost all of the children in the class has fallen sick. Where most of them are confirmed with hfmd. One of my favourite boy, izzan syahmi, who just celebrated his 2nd birthday on monday caught the bug the day after. May the children recover fast, i miss them already.

These past two days seemed so long. I think it’s because of staying up late for the stuffs, hours of meeting, having an ongoing fever, learning about a friend’s tragic loss of a loved one and knowing i can never feel the same again if i turn to the two sports. Basically, trying to absorb everything that happened within these days occupied my mind so much so that i lose track of time. I spend most of the time thinking about what is going through in the mind and life of everyone else, the chaos and losses. All this while trying to put up a tough front of being strong and acting like nothing is wrong.

I wonder what am i doing here, some times.


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