The whole world stops and stares for awhile

This is my second week there and so far, i’m actually accepting this job half-heartedly already. The only thing I look forward to everyday is the little kids who never fails to test my patience but at the same time makes me giggle whenever I see how adorable they are. Especially when they talk in languages I can never understand. In between these days, I’m actually thinking about my dreams. The dreams I’ve been wanting to achieve since the younger days. Why must it resurface only now I wonder? There should be a reason and that could only mean I have one year to complete everything.

On a random note, I miss getting lost walking around the street, finding a food place and settling down in a comfortable quiet place to ease my mind out every Saturday. A sunny day followed with a beautiful night would be just, perfect. Should have more of this.

And just to get along like everyone else, I like it on the study table 😉

Have a great weekend.


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