I’ll think of you tonight

My working hours is a normal 9-6pm but i have one problem, which is to go training. And the distance between these two places are like from one end to the other.  I am obviously restless nowadays. I’m blogging too much. And I can’t seem to focus properly.

Had a full awesome weekend and i’m still hoping this week to end fast, like real fast to this saturday. I’m listening to Vanilla Twilight from Owl City on repeat since yesterdays because somehow this song gives me a bittersweet reminder. Of a certain moment, of a certain someone. I still don’t get why i’m feeling a full sense of regret. This is not good because i was so used to that kind of life that i forget what i had before this.

Tonight, i feel the importance of having someone close. It’s like after you end your day you feel the need to have a good conversation with someone reliable. For them to look you in the face while you’re talking without stopping and at the end of your story, they will just smile at you. And for the remaining few minutes of your day, their presence are all that makes it beautiful. Sometimes, you just wish you have someone to talk to about your everyday’s story.

Ahh, tuesday is coming and tomorrow is Simply Red The Final Tour concert. It’s his farewell concert and i’m not going! 😦 This is ultimate sadness especially if you grow up listening to his songs. I’m going to brood now.

Okay goodnight.


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