I got lost in your eyes and I’m looking at mine now

I just had a great time with the 5N1 people (The Fine Ones) for our annual jalan raya gathering.  Now few hours after, i’m feeling a little bit down. Arsenal’s defeat could be the reason but no, i’m not sulking one whole night for that this time. It’s like for the last one day, all the disturbance in my mind are being totally forgotten. Suddenly reality snaps back in and now i’m being reminded about them.

Damn i really wish i can type out all the words i want to say to you, like right now. But of course i think it’s going to be a little dumb to do this. Okay so it’s been few days since that fateful night and i can only say i’m sorry but thanks, not able to do anything to amend it and still not believing every single thing any parties are saying. Yes, i’m forsaking both sides for the best. I guess.

And to make things worse, i kind of miss you. I think. That’s very unlikely huh but i’m sure i’ll get used to this distances and the initial life i once had. Pretty sure. This paragraph make it seems like i’m so emotional but please i’m not. I just think too much, that’s all.

Perhaps getting a job at this period of time might help me to just focus on what’s more important; career. So yes i should really look forward to this monday no matter how doubtful i am about it. Oh ya later will be the last day of the f1 race event and no matter how loud the buzzing sounds are, i still love it and i’m not watching Daughtry, sadly.

Good sunday everyone.


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