It’s becoming something that’s impossible to ignore

So it’s been a week and i’m wishing all the Muslims a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri maaf zahir batin. Forgive me for any mistakes done (: It’s been great and there’s still more outing and events coming up. Fizah claimed I’m having the time of my life now. I agree to a certain extent but because of course, life is not all beds and roses. So cliche. I’m excited for some reasons but at the same time wish I can be more organized so that I won’t mixed up the dates or anything. I always do.

I can’t believe that this week has past just like that. The interview that day was awkward. All those heavy sniffing and eyebags were too obvious to the principal that she actually thought I was crying. But i swear I wanted to when my mind blanked out and all i could ever remember was me uttering all the limited words I could think of and just hoping for a miracle. It ended quite long and it concluded with her asking me a question that’s simple yet actually caught me off guard. For a split second, I wasn’t confident about my answer. Damn, this has taken me so many weeks.

So many of my friends are already starting uni and maybe some are working happily at their desired workplace and I’m stuck being in a situation where I wish i can have both at the same time. I envy them, so much. I miss studying and anything about being involve in a school. Everything’s so different once you stop learning. Sigh. On top of that, I’m trying to build up my portfolio and hoping one day I really do make up my mind. Properly. I wonder whatever happened to my dream of becoming a graphic designer?

And a short talk with Syad made me think deep about what I’m currently going through right now and that I appreciate him more, as a friend. He can always be ultimately mean and irritating at times but I know he cares (:

Oh well, now just looking forward to many more meetups with lovely friends. Have a great weekend people, I’m sure I am going to especially tonight (:


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